‘MAI’s Garden’ is a project created and managed by ‘Călătoria Spre Tine’ (‘Journey Towards You’) Association

The Place Of Phoenix Rising

MAI’s Garden – Chețani, Mureș County, ROMANIAgMAI-Gradina_Lui_MAI-grup

MAI’s Garden is a new and innovative project created with the purpose of offering support and profound healing for women and children.

In 2017, official statistics showed that over 15.584 Romanian women were physically and emotionally abused and these were only the cases reported to the Police. In reality the figures are much higher and alarming since in Romania abuse is almost a culturally tolerated form of lifestyle.

The Romanian government currently offers an emergency assistance shelter that provides a safe environment for women in desperate situations but only for a very short time.gMAI-Gradina_Lui_MAI-1

MAI Garden’s purpose is to support women who are tempted to go back into violent situations and often they do so just because they have no place to go and they start to believe that there is no more hope for them.

Our main focus is to give women a chance to discover their true talents and vocations through workshops and professional guidance in order to build a new life and achieve happiness.

Only together we can make a difference and offer our future generations the chance they deserve.  Please join us in our cause by making a donation or by giving us a hand and becoming a volunteer.

Project created and managed by “Călătoria Spre Tine” Association (‘Journey Towards Yourself)
Office in Bucharest, Romania, Popa Soare 49 A / 3

Bank account – EUR:   RO25 BTRL EURC RT03 2614 1601, Banca Transilvania Bucuresti (EUR)
Bank account – USD:   RO29 BTRL USDC RT03 2614 1601, Banca Transilvania Bucuresti (USD)
Swift: BTRLRO22

Web: www.calatoriaspretine.ro, eMail: calatoria@calatoriaspretine.ro, phone: 004-0774-449991
Contact / project leader: Roxana Ioana GABOR ILIESCU, Journey Practitioner, Feminine Workshops Leader.



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